And a Happy New Year!

Hello everyone! How has everyone’s year been so far? Good? Good. I’ve had this post half written since the middle of January, but it didn’t seem right to post until now!

Anyway, 2015 brought it’s fair share of amazing. Aside from some personal and professional triumphs that I don’t think I need to go into here I finally saw my childhood dream come true and it was amazing!

It was a long road to get here, but I now have an actual book out that I can hold in my hands! And, more than that, people who have read it have enjoyed it!

However, I think that the thing I mark most as a success from the previous year was a little piece of paper that showed up in my mail a few days ago. I was cut a check from Barnes and Noble for my last appearance of the year in 2015. It wasn’t a lot of money, but getting a check from a real brick and mortar book store really made the fact that I’ve written a book that people enjoy sink in.

(Insert Shameless ‘rate my Book on Amazon if you’ve read it’ here, and a thanks to those who have!)

The check I received from 2015's last appearance.
Thank you everyone!

So, to 2015, I say thanks. There were some rough patches throughout, but I couldn’t be happier with how you turned out in the end.

And to you, my readers, I say thanks again, because without you I wouldn’t be half this excited.

Lastly, I’ve decided what I’d like to do with this space, and I think that you’ll appreciate it, too. In the coming months I’m going update my blog and by extension this site, with some things about the world of Hunter. The first series is called ‘Susi Speaks’ and it takes place after Book One, where everyone’s favorite stab-happy Devil will be explaining the way the world works.

I figure that there’s enough lore that I can share without spoiling anything; it’s not like I need to keep everything a secret.

Finally, as a thank you for everything I thought I’d leave you with a little taste of the next book.

Chapter One

Hunter rolled his shoulders, one hand on the wheel, the other one rested on the edge of the seat beside him where Susi dozed, twitching on occasion.

Like a cat.

Sniper, on the other hand, slept silently sprawled out on the back seat. Breathing evenly, not moving.

Like a coma patient.

Hunter sighed and rubbed his eyes, it had been a long day. Long week. They ran down a group of humor demons who had been playing out twisted iterations of their favorite board games, usually resulting in the deaths of their competition.

He snorted, ‘Mouse Trap’ would never be the same again.

Now they were driving through New England, weaving in and out on a long and twisting road. Susi had found a hotel nearby, but it wasn’t coming fast enough. Hunter was tired, weary, he guessed, was the more accurate term.

Hunter blinked, his vision was starting to fuzz. He leaned over to turn on the radio, half hoping it would wake up either of his napping sidekicks when the front of his van caved in and a body was tossed up on the hood.

-From Hunter’s Tale, Book Two: Finding Gods

Thank you all again, and keep an eye out for good things to come!



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