My siblings while away their immortality in such a small way, never exploring deeper. Content in their perceived perfection. Me? I find the unknown much too interesting. – The Old God Kyren

Book One Cover
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The start of The Universe, The Hunter’s Tale Trilogy, is a dark urban fantasy novel series told from different character points of view. It is appropriate for young adults but is not for them exclusively. It contains a strong female protagonist as well as a robust supporting cast. The story is set in a familiar, but uniquely constructed, contemporary world.

The Universe spans hundreds of stories and eons of history, sprawling out from Earth into the unknown void of space. As more of it is revealed the pieces will start to snap into place and the adventures that take place in it will become larger and more grand. But at its heart are the characters that make The Universe worth living in, and the stories will always focus on them.

And since writing about myself in third person makes me feel awkward I’ll introduce myself properly. I’m the author, Keith Thomsen. I’m an English teacher with a B.S. in Secondary Education and Masters in Curriculum and Instruction. Finding Angels is my first novel after spending six years self-publishing a webcomic. I  live in Las Vegas with my wife and our respective dogs.