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First, I don’t plan to blog very often. But feel free to check in from time to time to see how the next book is progressing or any other things I decide to discuss.

I’m writing this entry mostly for the handful of people who knew me as an author before Hunter. The two or three of you that have been reading my work since high-school. The rest are welcome to read, of course, but this is really for the old-timers.

But thank you for being here. New or old. Thank you.

When I first started to publish my work I learned a lot. I found some great critics with wonderful advice and I found some dear friends who were able help me as I worked. I learned a lot about story telling from my early work and without this experience Hunter wouldn’t be what it is now. But I also learned my limitations.

The first long-form thing I created was a comic called The Peace Keeper’s Force. And I still think about it. For now it needs to simmer on the back-burner, but it’s still there, waiting for me.

I learned so much about how I liked to tell stories from that comic and that new knowledge I gained as I worked is part of why I had to stop. The story I started opened too many threads and ideas that I scrambled to explore, and it started to fall apart. But I learned how to craft a tight, fast, and fun story from this comic, and if life hadn’t caught up, I probably would have continued it. But, sadly (or happily, I guess), life caught up to me and I stopped.

Even now I’m rewriting The PKF in my head. I know what I need to do to make it better and stronger and I know what to remove and what to include. However, I just don’t have the time right now.

The PKF had too much for me to explore and one day I will return to it, either in prose or comic form. For now my focus is Hunter and the world beyond the veil.

But remember, the two share a world, and Reapers aren’t the only things that cross boundaries.


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Also known as Keith Thomsen. I'm an author and teacher living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I've been writing since I was very small and hope to continue until I am very old. I live with my wife, who you can thank/blame for finally getting me published, and our dogs.

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