I’m signing my book!

For the handful of you that come and go from this site or from the other social media sites I’m connected to: I will be signing my book at The Las Vegas Readers Festival this Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm!

There’s going to be plenty of authors there (full list on their Facebook), including a fair few NY Times Best Sellers and other award winners.

I am super pumped to be going and I’ll be speaking on a panel as well! (Currently scheduled for 3:00 pm, but that may change)

There’s going to be snacks all day, with a light breakfast served as well as lunch and a desert hour toward the end!

If you’re in the Vegas area, come by Desert Oasis Highschool (6600 W. Erie Ave Las Vegas, 89141) and say hello! I’m the one with the huge banner that says ‘Finding Angels’, haha!


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Also known as Keith Thomsen. I'm an author and teacher living in Las Vegas, Nevada. I've been writing since I was very small and hope to continue until I am very old. I live with my wife, who you can thank/blame for finally getting me published, and our dogs.

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