Heaven, Hell, and the Space Between

An Entry of Susi Speaks

“And so the God’s said, let there be light, and there was. See, when they first showed up there wasn’t anything there. Not even themselves, which gets weird, honestly. I tried to ask Paoken once but I got all glassy eyed when he tried to explain it and gave up. But they said there was, so there was, got it?” Susi cocked her head at Sniper who was staring at her over her soda in the diner.

“So…where’d the Gods come from?” Sniper asked.

“Dunno, actually,” Susi said, thoughtfully staring at her dessert, “Where does any God come from in any mythology?”

“Can’t ask those Gods, can we?”

“Some,” Susi said with a grin.

“Okay, discussion for another time,” Sniper rubbed her temples, “Continue please.”

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